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1888 Mills is built on a foundation of three things - OUR PURPOSE, OUR HISTORY AND OUR PEOPLE.

To ensure the strength of that structure, we are adamantly committed to remembering and

celebrating where we came from and all those who got us here. That groundwork supports

our mission to stay motivated and unified around our objectives, and to honor a strong

corporate culture that respects & values all contributions.



Every decision made at 1888 Mills
is intentionally done so in strategic
alignment with our brand purpose of

"Weaving a
   Better World."

From the care we show our
employees, to how we manufacture
our products, to our processes that
drive product innovation, to how
we partner on social responsibility
issues, our purpose is always
motivating and leading our teams
and our business. Every action taken
at our company embodies our intent
to leave a lasting, positive imprint
everywhere you can find our work. 



At 1888 Mills, we proudly honor
our history and those who played
key roles in creating the company
we proudly run today - a company
with a deep heritage in textile manufacturing. Our story begins
in 1888, when towels were first
produced in Griffin, Georgia,
by Kincaid Manufacturing. Later,
in 1925, Shelnor-Mills was formed,
marking the creation of two great
companies that would later
become one. An expansion to
overseas facilities followed
from 1972-1989, which then
officially evolved into
1888 Mills Global in 1996.



The people who work at 1888 Mills
are not simply employees and
co-workers, they are family.
A family that unites around
shared values of honoring
collaboration, celebrating
differences, building
equitable opportunities,
and focusing on continuous
improvement. Our people
maintain a corporate culture
where everyone is a valued
contributor who recognizes
our company’s responsibility
in the world and the communities
in which we operate. Everything
we do, is done as a team, and in recognition of the importance of
our brand purpose to all create
a better world, together.

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