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1888 Mills is proud to be a trusted manufacturer

of high quality textile products across the retail,

hospitality and institutional sectors. Whether

producing kitchen towels for an individual’s home,

designing bed linens for a new boutique hotel, or

customizing nursing apparel for a hospital group,

our global team of dedicated experts is committed

to delivering on our brand purpose of 

Weaving a Better World, by offering products

that are innovative, sustainably designed

and responsibly produced.


We are honored to have our products adorn people’s homes across the globe. Our bath towels, bedding, and kitchen textiles can be found in most retailers and ecommerce sites. We are committed to offering numerous first-to-market, innovative products that bring comfort, design and functionality into the homes of millions of people. 1888 Mills retail products can be found under a variety of private labels and licensed brands. 

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As one of North America’s largest terry suppliers to the hospitality industry, we are proud to also bring comfort, design and functionality to our hospitality customers and their guests. Our full range of terry items, and extensive assortment of sheeting, top of bed products give our customers the perfect opportunity to create a pleasant, restful experience for their guests. 1888 Mills offers over twenty stocked programs and the ability to create one-of-a-kind customized products to fit any customer’s needs.



At 1888 Mills, we provide quality institutional textiles to the top healthcare distributors and retailers across the United States. Our team of experts utilizes their extensive knowledge of industry standards and market trends to develop and produce products that are durable, breathable and functional. From healthcare apparel to institutional bedding and terry products, we offer our customers a number of standard product lines, as well as customized items to accommodate any and all healthcare textile needs. 

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