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Way down South, there's a special

place called Griffin, Georgia...


represents a true nod to American heritage as one of the last remaining towel
manufacturing plants in th
e USA. The facility was started in 2015 by a group of
textile veterans who understood the importance of honoring the legacy of their
industry and who knew that its deep roots could be traced right back to the Griffin
community. Their focused, visionary goal resulted in U.S. produced products continuing
to play a major part in our company’s overall global manufacturing strategy to this day.


Our Griffin facility employs over 200 people, many of whom have worked in the textile industry for decades. These USA manufacturing jobs support local families, belong to people who are active leaders in their communities, and provide economic growth to both the greater Griffin area as well as the US economy overall.


Led by our Brand Purpose of "Weaving a Better World," 1888 Mills is committed to honoring the heritage of the textile industry, preserving USA manufacturing jobs and maintaining high quality Made in USA products. Our Griffin Terry items will always reflect the American innovation and craftsmanship initially pioneered all those years ago.

*Products are woven and sewn in USA with USA grown cotton yarns and, in some instances, imported yarns.

1888-MOA Carbon FP.png

Studio 33 is a ground breaking innovation studio located at our Griffin, GA headquarters. It is a destination that embarks on 1888 Mills mission to be disruptive in the textile industry. The studio is designed to create curiosity, provoke play, and inspire “outside the loom” thinking.  It is a multi-functioning collaborative space where ideas are built, and discovered.


It is designed to revel in the tension between the systematic approach
to manufacturing & industry and the fluid and organic expression of creativity, innovation, & the product itself.


These disruptive moments will stimulate collaboration between industry experts, global textile experts, universities and learning institutions and increase abstract, creative-thinking: making Studio 33 a global destination for innovation. And it is located right next to our USA manufacturing facility. Imagine a place where you can dream up new innovation and
then actually see it made.

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