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Aligned with our brand promise of "Weaving a Better World," at 1888 Mills
we believe it is our responsibility to our stakeholders and the economic regions
within which we operate, to drive innovation in the global marketplace
and execute initiatives that promote environmental and social stewardship
through our triple bottom line approach of people, planet & prosperity.  


1888 Mills®, LLC is a global manufacturer of home

and commercial textile products for the retail,

hospitality and institutional markets worldwide.

As a pioneer in global manufacturing,

we operate state-of-the-art facilities in both

Pakistan and Bangladesh. Through impeccable

design, efficient & sustainable manufacturing,

and first-class customer service, 1888 Mills has

emerged as a leader in the design and production

of home and commercial textile products for bath,

bedding, kitchen, window and healthcare apparel.

Our quality, affordable products are sold under

both private labels and in-house, national brands.

1888 Mills textiles can be found on the shelves at

major retailers, in the rooms of hotels and resorts

around the world, and in the homes of millions of

individuals and families. ​


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